Friday, June 10, 2016

To Boldly Go — to the bookshop

Well, I certainly left you in suspense long enough. I started yet another part-time job in May and got sidetracked (no pun intended). I did, however, send out the bookshop newsletter to let subscribers in on the secret. (You can sign up here or on the right side of this page in web mode.)

So, what was in all those boxes I picked up at the train station?

An entire collection of Star Trek(TM)!

Costume patterns
Hologram stickers ...

Bumper stickers
Party supplies
Vintage posters
Paper models
Photos ...

Two stand-up cut-outs ...

And one metal model.

Trekkie paradise.

I purchased the collection from the estate of a long-time fan in New England. Since it was so big and heavy — 12 boxes — the seller and I decided to try rail instead of the popular shipping services.

It was fun opening up all those boxes to see what was in each one! It's also overwhelming. Bookselling involves days of inventory, listing and photography that never end. I'll take some of the items to the shop at Bush Hill Trading Post and list others in the eBay store. It won't happen overnight. I hope to have a lot of things processed before the movie comes out: Star Trek Beyond arrives in theatres July 22.

Fun work, full of surprises. I wasn't excited about the box of magazines and old calendars, but in another box, an ordinary-looking book turned out to have three original Trek cast members' autographs. I enjoyed looking through the amateur photos from fan conventions. There were even a few pictures of the collector's "Trek room," with letters she received from fellow fans.