Estate triage

You've inherited an estate and you're overwhelmed. Or you're downsizing and have a deadline. Should you sell all those books or donate them to the library? Should you keep those old receipts – or schoolwork, or letters, or souvenirs – or toss them? What will you do with all those pictures?

Take a deep breath. I can help.

With my unique combination of experience as bookseller, genealogist and library archivist, I can help you decide what's treasure and what's trash. Let me help you focus and develop a step-by-step plan to meet your goals.

Basic Estate Consultation – Up to one hour online (USA) or in-person (central North Carolina) for $25. In-person visits will be billed an additional fee for gas (approximately 0.45 per mile).

What you'll get: A quick assessment of what's valuable, ideas about what to do with all your paper, book and sentimental items, referrals (local N.C.) to check out for selling and donating items, and a follow-up e-mail summarizing suggestions. Optional add-ons include additional hours and/or a more detailed written plan, at $15.00 each.

What you won't get: Legal advice, appraisals, or family psychology. I can refer you to experts for the first two!

Click the button below to sign up for the consultaion. **Please be sure to enter your e-mail address in the box below your street address. You'll receive an e-mail within 1-2 days asking a few questions about your situation and desired appointment times.

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Genealogy Game Plan

Have you been researching your family tree and come to a dead end? Are you confused about the different types of DNA tests – or already paid for a test and didn't know there were different kinds? Have you found bits and pieces on Ancestry, especially in Quaker records, but don't understand them or know where to look next?

I've worked in a Quaker archives since 2011, where I help family researchers and answer queries every week. I published a book about my monthly meeting's records in 2005. I've researched my family history since the 1990s, including multiple research trips to England and Ireland.

When you should hire me:
– If you have any questions about Quaker genealogy, especially in the southeast USA.
– If you have basic genealogy questions, especially about research in the Carolinas.
– To help translate documents written in early modern English handwriting (17th century and later).
– If you want to learn more about Ancestry, including family trees and hints, Quaker records, or how to back up and save information in library mode.
– If you want to learn about different types of DNA and how to use them to break through your brick walls.

When you should not hire me:
– To translate documents in foreign languages.
– For coaching in European research (except Ireland and Great Britain) or other regions.
– For coaching in other ethnic niches, such as Jewish genealogy.

15 Minutes for $15 – What have you got to lose?

Click the button below to pay for a 15-minute consultation. **Please be sure to enter your e-mail address in the box below the street address. You'll receive an e-mail within 1-2 days asking a few questions about your brick-wall ancestors and desired appointment times.

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Still not sure? Or want to hire me at an hourly rate to do the research for you? E-mail me at