Elizabeth Saunders: Writer, Bookseller, Quaker archivist, Genealogist, and Editor/Proofreader. In this blog I share snippets from my research, writing and travels, including history and genealogy.

I'm writing a nonfiction book about my Civil War ancestor, Thomas Maness. He disappeared, in his twenties, around 1875. My family and I used DNA to solve this 137-year-old missing-person case.

I've worked off and on on historical novels based on my real Quaker ancestors, the English family, set in 17th- and 18th-century Ireland and colonial America. Fiction is more difficult for me, so they're not yet finished. The background photo is a detail of The Castle, a tower house in County Westmeath where the story begins.

I also own Tannery Books, a bookshop with antique and rare books online, vintage and local books at an antique mall, Bush Hill Trading Post. Sometimes I share bookhunting adventures on the blog.

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Margo said...

I was drawn to the headline for your most current blog post, as I have spent months carrying on the work my uncles and great uncles have done on our family tree. I had a lot of family in North and South Carolina, so checked your list of names. White is a major part of our family and we have Ransoms as well. At some point, maybe we can compare notes.


Jennifer Aaron said...

Found this site while doing research on my husbands family. He is an English. It has been a very tedious process, but I have enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading your blog.