Friday, September 11, 2009

Bush Hill Eve tonight

I'm excited about tonight, and a little rushed. I'll be dressed up as my great-great-grandmother, Cynthia Armecia White English Parrish, or just "Mecie" English during this Civil War re-enactment. I still need to research her a little, so I can talk about her family and what life was like at that time. She is not one of the characters in my book (too recent), so I didn't know much about her. I found her obituary at High Point library last week, which told me her parents and siblings - yay!

We made a video promo for the newspaper's web site, .

After rushing around all day, it will be a challenge to get into the slower-paced, "thee" and "thou" mode, so I can stay in character.

Some of the Civil War re-enactors canceled, but we'll still have the doctor and probably a few others there to man the "hospital." Our modern day church ladies will prepare an old-fashioned meal, Dan Warren will bring some genealogical information, and several historical authors will bring their books (including me). Should be a fun evening!

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