Monday, September 21, 2009

Looking forward to Ireland

The Quaker library in Dublin finally did e-mail me. They will be open as usual - one day a week. I planned our whole trip around those hours in 2006, and I'm doing that again!

I'm glad I went through a travel agent this time. Trying to plan the most efficient use of my time, this being a research trip, is daunting. I haven't yet figured out which museums and libraries are open on which days, but I've already booked a car for the first week and plan to stay in Dublin and use public transportation the second week.

I also need to finish up my list of things I need/want in order to finish my book. For example, for what trade did Thomas apprentice when he went to Dublin? Did Mary stay in Moate as a widow, or did she remarry and move to some other meeting? Same question for Elinor, Thomas' widow - and the answer could significantly change my draft plot. And whatever happened to Joshua's brothers, John and Abraham English?

Oh, now I'm getting excited!

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