Monday, October 05, 2009

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

I was looking for a web address to put in the paper, and stumbled across a just-posted transcription of Mt. Pleasant (used to be United Methodist) cemetery in Trinity, N.C.! Trent Briles posted it; he includes scanned photos of the tombstones - and it's free!

Of course, I'm excited because some of my family, including the Copple, Briles (wait a minute, could we be cousins?) and Kindley lines are buried there.

Mr. Trent must have worked on this list a long time, because I noticed that some of the names do not have a corresponding photo. Unfortunately, vandals hit the graveyard sometime in the past decade and many stones are missing. But - fortunately, I was there in the early 90s and took a few pictures myself, including a few stones that are no longer there!

When I get back from my trip, I plan to show my appreciation for all this shared work by finding and contributing my old photos.

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