Saturday, December 26, 2009

A treasure trove of genealogy books

Have you ever gone to a research library and wished that you could take some of those wonderful books home? Well, the Historical Collection at High Point Library decided to clean out some duplicates and little-used items. They sent out an e-mail, listing books and pamphlets for about $1 to $3. I came home with an armload for $14.50 - woo hoo!

Now, the major family histories and reference books are still safely on the library shelves for me and other researchers. But here's the fun stuff I collected.

The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina - a gift for my cousin, who loves pirate lore.
a short biography of Inglis Fletcher, "Chronicler of North Carolina" (no year)
A Southern View of the Invasion of the Southern States and War of 1861-65 (2nd edition, 1938)
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry (1991)
The First Hundred Years of Historic Guilford, 1771-1871 - includes photographs of letters and lists Quakers (possibly relatives) who refused to fight.
A Guide to South Carolina Genealogical Research and Records (1991)
When Racing Was Racing - museum publication with photos of people from my town, and autographs
Several issues of "The Southern Friend" - Quaker history. I chose the ones about Cary's Rebellion, the Clayton family (possibly mine), Centre Friends Meeting minutes, farm life, tanning, the Civil War and Clara Cox (our first pastor).

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