Saturday, February 13, 2010

Geneabloggers - Let the Games begin!

This blog has grown, in a wonderful way, into a travel-genealogy-books (aah, those words just make me happy) niche. I thought it might change the tone too much if I tried to promote my Creative Memories business here, even though pictures and history naturally overlap into preservation and scrapbooking. So, Travels with Books has been sorely neglected the last few weeks because I divided myself into a new blog for my business (Save the Pictures), a Facebook page and a new Twitter identity. All that has been a bit overwhelming - feels like I have multiple social personality disorder!

To give this blog a boost, on a lovely snowy Saturday, I've signed up for Geneabloggers' Winter Olympics. They have six competition categories: 1. Cite your sources, 2. Back up your data, 3. Organize your research, 4. Expand your knowledge, 5. Write write write! and 6. Genealogical Acts of Kindness.

Already overwhelmed, I don't think I'll tackle 1, 2, 3, and maybe not 4 at this time. I cite sources as I enter facts into Reunion, and I haven't added much to that file since I backed it up last year. And although I'd love to put more photos into albums, I have to order some things so this is not the week to do it. I'm going to try events 5 and 6, which include things I hope to do anyway, like blogging and indexing.

Opening ceremonies are Monday. You still have time to sign up! You can start with your own flag, like this one: it represents the English family, who came from England and Ireland to the U.S.

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