Saturday, May 29, 2010

More work, and looking forward to it

I'm excited after this morning's publications board meeting. The author of the collection of Quaker biographies that I edited last summer was there, and we're getting close to publication. Two of our board members went to the QUIP conference (Quakers Uniting in Publications) and had a great time with the international writing community. Next year's meeting is in England and I've already volunteered to go!

We talked about our marketing plan, or lack of one. We're a relatively small nonprofit who sells our books at annual events and through mail order. So I was sitting there thinking, how can we market online when we can't afford online purchasing (eg. ProPay)?

We had a couple of proposals related to publishing cemetery records. A late historian, or his family, donated his research files to another committee who asked us about publishing them. He researched lots of Quaker cemeteries, including some that have been laid down. Although it's sad that he's no longer with us, I'm excited that I'm going to get to look through his files so I can report back to the board. One of the files is about Bush River, the South Carolina meeting my English family ancestors attended.

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