Monday, August 09, 2010

A genealogical role model

Rest In Peace, Thurman MANESS, 27 July 1909 - 8 Aug. 2010. Kind, smart man and keeper of oral history and genealogy.

I got word Sunday that Mr. Thurman passed away, age 101. I am so glad that we went to visit him in Moore County a couple of weeks ago. Although bed-bound, he was alert and cheerful. As soon as he recognized me, the stories starting pouring forth! 

Blind for the past three decades, Mr. Thurman told his many stories to a genealogy friend and had them published in a book (now out of print). He had contributed to cemetery books and a huge MANESS family book that I've seen in the library in Carthage. He gave his research to that friend (they knew each other from the historical society) while he was still alive. He had his DNA tested, on record with a rich family tree that goes back to Scotland, and we are still awaiting results to find out if we are cousins.

As a genealogist, he did everything right. I'd like to leave a legacy like that.

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A rootdigger said...

He must have been a good story teller.
Ihad an aunt Threasea Like that.almost as blind as a bat with cataracts the woman would grab what she could from newspapers in the politics and then talk a blue steak about it with her guests who visited her while she was ill. and I remember her enthusiasm to talk and learn.
Another great role model, huh?
thanks for the thoughts today from your inspiring post.