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Amanuensis Monday - To be young in wartime...

I don't usually do Amanuensis Monday (did I spell that right? hat tip to genealogical bloggers Randy Seaver and John Newmark), wherein people post a transcript of a historical document. But as I mentioned in my last blog post about an estate auction, I came across this lovely letter from 1942. I don't have any known relatives in it, but it's too juicy — I mean genealogical — to keep to myself.

The letter was posted from Lucille Redding in Trinity, N.C. to Miss Myrtle Grace Edwards in High Point, N.C. I asked around a little to see if anyone knew Lucille Redding, so I could ask if she would mind my posting the contents for all to see. So far, nobody of my acquaintance knows her, at least not by her maiden name, so I'm going to go ahead and share this fascinating slice of local life. If anybody recognizes the names included and takes exception to the letter being made public, or if a family member would like to have the letter, e-mail me at ebeth2000 at earthlink dot net.

Monogrammed stationery: "N.L.R."

November 12, 1942
Hello Myrtle Grace,
    I know you will be surprised to hear from me so soon after I got your letters, but I'm really writing this time, believe it or not!
    I really don't have very much to say, but hope you will forgive me for waiting so long to write.
    I am staying with Clifford and Ruth and Branson now. The baby is the cutest thing, but now he is trying to cry. He is 2½ months old. I stay here all the time except on Saturday Nights, when I stay at home.
    Yes, I'm still working. But I work at the Holly Shop. I like to work there a lot. We have good times in the store, and some of the funniest experiences.
    Did you know Short Cumbie was home on leave last week? We talked with him a couple of times and he likes the Navy fine. I saw Clifton Charles when he was in too.
    I haven't heard anything from Phillip since October 12, and I think he may be right over there where the second front was opened.
    I had been going with Raymond Tatum some since school was out. He left for the Air Corps October 22 and I've gotten a letter from him almost every day since he has been gone. I got two this morning.
    I also hear from Carl Myers real often. I got a real sweet letter from him yesterday. He is in the Army in San Francisco. He expects to stay for the duration, because he works in the office there. He said about all he has to do is drive for the Colonel and Major. I believe he is trying to get serious — finally — if you know what I mean.
    Bill Lackey and John Younts have to go back to the Army in a few days. Frank Grant has joined the Air Corps. He gave Elizabeth the prettiest diamond for her birthday, but they are planning to wait until after the War.
    Virginia Sink and Bernice Clapp are married. Bernice has been married for sometime. Virginia was married October 30.
    I have been seeing Magalene real often until about the last two weeks. Right after Nellie came home (just for week-ends) we would go see M. on Sunday afternoons, but since Nellie's Mother and daddy have moved, I haven't seen either of them on Sundays.
    I went to school this afternoon. It really doesn't seem like the same place.
    Everett and Jack Caughron were here not so long ago. Everett had to go to Asheboro to be examined.
    "Red" McKenzie is home now. I think he is going to stay.
    Lottie and Harvie were home 2 weeks ago. Lottie stayed until last Sunday. Harvie called Sunday Night after she had gone and asked if she had left yet, and if she hadn't he was coming here.
    Daddy went to the hospital in Winston Tuesday. He came back this afternoon. He went for treatment and to find what is wrong with his back. It has been bothering him right much recently.
    Well, I have about four other letters to write, so maybe I better sign off.
    I guess you already know that Harry Land is married. I haven't seen him but once since the day. He was with his wife (I guess) and he said, "Why, hello, Lucille." Just like he was surprised to death, and his face turned so red it was pitiful. I bet I know what he thought about, and I know I did.
    Bunky and Bobby are living near Salt Lake City, Utah now.
    I must close now, so write soon, and tell me all the news from down that way.

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Clarissa Southwick said...

What a cute letter. I can just imagine somebody finding their grandfather or grandmother mentioned and being tickled to death. Thanks for posting it.