Monday, January 17, 2011

Following my dreams (part 2)

I did it! (I can't believe I did it...) I rented a building for my book store!

If you've read this blog before, you know about my obsession with books and how they seem to (ahem) follow me home. I guess I've dreamed for years about owning a book store, but I consciously didn't think it would ever happen. My subconscious, however, has been acquiring books by the hundreds over the past few months.

As I worked at the newspaper last summer, a couple of neighboring stores left and I watched the empty spaces. Months passed. I knew I could get a decent rent, and last week I finally contacted the realtor.

You may be thinking: Beth, didn't you just start your dream job as an archives assistant last week? Yes. I love that job! But here's the catch — it's only 10 hours a week. Oh, I have a couple of other jobs, including freelance writer and proofreader, but they're sporadic. I'm hoping to build this shop into something steady. And as the owner, I can set the hours around other commitments.

It's pretty scary, though. I'll have a lease (I'm committed, now!). I need carpet, shelves... electricity, phone... a long list of expenses and things to do. Here's what it looks like: almost a blank slate.

The space next door had more outlets (I looked at that for you, writer buddies!) and water options, but I liked the character of this space better, including the arch on the right and a small storage room. This one needs more work, but it has a more comfortable, homey feel.

I'm not worried about inventory, although that could change after I set things up and actually see what I have. I've already lined up a couple of venues where I can get more, including a large book sale later this month. I can't wait to get the boxes of books out of my house and put everything in order for people to enjoy.

I'll be surrounded by books at both jobs. It doesn't get much better than that!


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Congratulations on this new endeavor!

George Taylor said...

Wow. So. Very. Exciting.

Got a name yet?

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Amy!

George, It's Tannery Books.

Anonymous said...

Again, congratulations! I'll have more books for you soon!