Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Annual Beth-David Book Sale

I've been so busy getting my bookshop ready, plus family and church events, that I haven't written yet about the Beth-David Annual Book Sale. This was the second year I went to the Saturday night event, which includes wine and cheese, as well as a gym full of books! But this year didn't include a snowstorm, so the gym was packed with a lot of other people besides us.

The Beth-David sale has a great variety, but there were only a few items on the "old and rare" table. I came home with just one box and put several things back, thinking I might come back Monday (discount day), but that didn't work out.

I was still excited to be there surrounded by so many books, but I felt different this year, looking at everything through the eyes of a real bookseller. I have to think about resale value, now. But I still have so much to learn.

I don't know if they're worth much, but I picked up these old paperbacks, several with original prices in "cents."

My box included some first editions of popular 1980s fiction and this Book of Trades (I wrote a previous post about another book of trades). I'm not familiar with reprints; this brand new, unread book with bright white pages is a reprint of an old book with lots of illustrations and historical information. 

The book on the right, Liberty and the News, is admittedly not in great condition, but as a sometime journalist, I couldn't resist. And the way a quote is pasted onto the cover is intriguing.

I also couldn't resist a couple of books about books, including this one on Yiddish literature...

... and one about a famous library cat.

I've been wanting to read Dewey — this book is for me!


Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh ... The du Maurier and the Hawthorne (and the Hardy, too, let's be honest) are right up my alley!

Hate I missed the sale, that makes three years in a row now.

Elizabeth said...

I didn't know you liked those authors. Maybe they weren't totally random.

There's always the wonderful St. Francis sale in the spring!