Monday, March 07, 2011

A Bookstore Blessing

I've been meaning all week to share some bookish news about my trip to Maryland, but not only was I trying to get the shop ready, I was also helping to prepare for Mid-Year Gathering for North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Quakers), held this past weekend. As part of that gathering, we had missionaries in town from Kenya, Mexico, Alabama and Jamaica. It was invigorating.

Today I planned to take our pastor from Mexico out to lunch. I've been to the meeting in Matamoros a couple of times and wanted to share just a little of the hospitality that he and his family always offer us. I asked him and another friend to meet me at the bookshop, where I figured I would be working. They arrived before me, though, and I unlocked the door to show them my new business. There were books stacked on the floor, boxes strewn about, empty shelves, and the strong smell of new carpet (have I mentioned that we're opening in four days?).

Pastor Jorge stopped just inside the door. He told me and the other friend that he wanted to pray for me and my business. We held hands and he prayed, in Spanish, asking the Lord to bring people and business and to bless the place. I was deeply moved.

Just wanted to share that.

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