Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Checking in

I never wanted to be one of those bloggers whose posts consist of apologies for not posting. However, it's been a month since my last tidbit here and I thought readers might want to know that I'm still breathing.

I had these interesting vignettes running around my mind last month, mostly about working in the Quaker archives, but now those synapses are faded and dated and I think I need to start with the present (although I may write later about the book pirate. We'll see). I've been in survival mode — and that's better than it sounds. For example, I'm working three jobs this week.

In January an advertising firm hired me as a freelance copyeditor /proofreader. When I learned from a colleague that they only called her twice during her first year with them, I decided I'd better find another job (and a book store was born!). Well, they called me in this week. Fortunately, a relative of mine was available to watch the bookshop during the day. So everything has been going well, but topsy turvey eat-dinner-at-8:30pm-and-crash.

And the weekend before last, I went to the beach. Sans computer. Yep, no internet at all for three days. Just quality pajama and bathing suit time with my extended family, getting soaked in a boat and rosy-pink on a beach and being forced to eat ice cream at bedtime every night.

It was lovely.

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Amy Coffin said...

Thanks for checking in! You've been very busy!