Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Writer Wednesday Update

Catching up on recent writerly and bookish events...

I volunteered again this year at Writers' Police Academy, Sept. 23-24. I didn't get the awesome, behind-the-scenes photos like last year (part 1 and especially part 2 here), but you can check out Lee Lofland's blog for a write-up on this year's action: Friday and Saturday (fake gore alert!).

Between helping "recruits" find their way around and running errands, I witnessed a hostage situation, listened to Marco Conelli talk about life as a New York undercover cop, and my writer buddies and I got a real "kick" out of Corporal Dee Jackson's personal safety class. Despite fighting an early fall cold and mild fever (another reason for fewer photos), I enjoyed Lee's night-owl session and the banquet with guest speaker Chris Reich. One of my favorite parts is networking with other writers, both new "recruits" and people I met last year.

About two weeks ago, one of my customers called me just before I left the bookshop and said, "Of course, you're going to the library sale tomorrow, aren't you?"

"Tomorrow?!" Although I fuss at the nice FOL volunteers for not putting out any electronic publicity, they seem quite happy with just putting a sign in their yard and inviting members.

Although very strapped for cash, I couldn't resist. I stayed away from ex-libs this time and still came home with some nice finds.
Fashion through the centuries
A genealogy of airplanes to 1954
1898 pocket-sized Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

My best find was probably this 1883 music book of basic music instruction, folk songs and rounds, hymns, and The Star Spangled Banner. One song contains instructions for when students should bang on their desks. The book includes a page of Useful Advice, such as: Don't talk or laugh loudly when you first go outside into the cold air. Don't sleep with heat that's pumped up from a cellar.

That same afternoon, I went to Jennifer Hudson Taylor's book launch for Highland Sanctuary at Barnes & Noble in Greensboro. (Yay, Jennifer!)

We met through Facebook and Twitter because we have inspirational historical writing and other topics in common. For example, Jennifer has written a historical Quaker novella, set where I currently work part-time, to come out as part of a collection in 2012.

This was probably the first time I ever met one of my "tweeps" in person! I got an autographed copy of Highland Blessings, her first book, so I can start at the beginning of the series.

Here are Jennifer's photos of her book signing (Facebook page).

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