Monday, January 16, 2012

The Little Bookseller

Those of you who "like" Tannery Books' Facebook page know that I had an "assistant bookseller" for a couple of days.

My 4-year-old great-nephew Aidan helped me put away the Christmas tree and I assigned him to the window display. I had borrowed a little snowman and started pulling winter-themed books. Aidan informed me that we needed more kids' books, and he proceeded to fill the display with Dr. Seuss, The Berenstein Bears, and Star Wars. He finished the display all by himself, and did a great job!

Of course, when you're 4, all work and no play make for a dull day. We adopted the philosophy of work-a-little, play-a-little. He played with his new toys while I listed books, and our agenda included an afternoon game of hide-and-seek among the bookshelves (I had no idea my one-room shop had so many hidey places!). And of course, we had to read a few books.

When Nana came to pick him up after work, she was amazed that we hadn't pulled out any of his electronic games 'til after 4 p.m. Even better, the next morning he picked up his packed lunch and told Nana he had "to go to work."

My new apprentice chose classic Dr. Seuss and Thomas the Train for his paycheck. Excellent taste, I must say.

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