Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage books in Thomasville

A customer told me about a library booksale in progress. I had never been to the one in Thomasville and didn't have high expectations, but I decided to squeeze in a trip on Saturday morning, when they had their best bargains.

When I walked into their conference-turned-booksale room, I wondered if I had wasted a trip. The tables looked to be filled with moderns and old texts that didn't look very interesting.

I swept around the room. Finally, a side table full of biographies sparked my interest. I found Old Books, Rare Friends, a bookseller memoir I've been seeking. Maybe this wasn't a wasted trip, after all. I picked up another biography, but I was proud of myself for the ones I put back. I'm slowly learning to be more selective.

I went back and looked carefully through the long tables, gleaning a few vintage hardbacks with dustjackets.

One fun title was Pilgrims in Paradise, starring "the Puritan and the temptress." Oh, those lusty Puritans! I shouldn't laugh — someone has probably written steamy romances about Quakers, right?  *grin*

Look! Librarian with Wings — could anything be more appropriate for me?

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