Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Platform Challenge - Who Am I?

Robert Lee Brewer's April Platform Challenge for writers is up and running! The first challenge (I knew this was coming) is to define myself.

Name (byline): Elizabeth A. Saunders

Position: Bookseller; freelance writer; Assistant Archivist at Friends Historical Collection; blogger; Board Member for North Carolina Yearly Meeting Publications Board.

Skills: Nit-picky proofreader, editor, writer (historical fiction and journalism), genealogist and historian (Quakers, Ireland and the Carolinas), constant learner (eg. self-taught Spanish and blogging).

Social Media Platforms: Blogger, Twitter, Facebook

Archdale Friends Meeting book (really long link)

Accomplishments: First place awards in community journalism from North Carolina Press Association; Heritage Award from Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce; wrote a genealogy book on Archdale Friends Meeting; edited Deep River Friends book (revision) and manuscript of Quaker biographies; National Novel Writing Month local volunteer and three-year winner; completed Writer's Digest course in Nonfiction Writing; B.S. and M.S. in aerospace engineering; former private pilot;  wrote more than a dozen published technical reports for the Department of Defense.

Interests: Genealogy, extended family, reading, faith, and travel.

Who am I? (one sentence):
Elizabeth A. Saunders is a Quaker historian, genealogist, writer and editor who loves to travel, and who owns a used and antiquarian bookshop in a small town in North Carolina.

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