Monday, July 23, 2012

Village Fair at Mendenhall Plantation

Mendenhall Plantation held their 10th annual Village Fair last weekend. The house and grounds in Jamestown, N.C. represent "the Other South" — 19th-century Quaker life and the Underground Railroad.

I've participated several years, but this was my first time as a bookseller. (2010 photos). I had a nice spot with an artist painting on one side, mule rides on the other side, and an open view of the barn and entertainment area.

Relaxing music emanated from the barn, where two people played dulcimers and sang.

Other areas had artifacts, a blacksmith, weaving and spinning, quilts, children's games, and a "doctor's office." A couple of singers from "Pathway to Freedom" at Snow Camp (central N.C.) capped off the performances.
The mules provided all-day entertainment (for me as well as the riders). I watched a steady stream of cute kids pet the patient animals and excited adults climb in and out the reproduction wagon. The driver sometimes made people wait so his team could have short rest periods, but he chatted as they waited.

At the end of the day, a costumed interpreter pets Ruby, while Lucy waits patiently for the ride home.

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