Friday, September 28, 2012

Genealogy Gems

Genealogy Gems for the end of September 2012:

Family Tree DNA Sale

Oh, I wish I'd had this offer for my great big genealogy gamble! As you know from previous posts, DNA help me break through a brick wall. This weekend, Family Tree DNA (affiliate link) is having a flash sale on the Family Finder test (any gender, close relatives), full mitochrondria sequencing ($90 off each), and a combination of the two ($161 off).  It started this morning and ends promptly at 11:59 pm Sunday night, Sept. 30.

Genealogy in the News

GEORGIA ARCHIVES TO REMAIN OPEN! Georgia leaders' decision to close the state archives created a backlash from the public, including this editorial by University of Georgia professor and historian James C. Cobb. When 100 supporters of the archives presented Gov. Nathan Deal with a 10,000-signature petition and thousands of letters last week, the governor promised to keep the archives open. Secretary of State Brian Kemp, however, says the budget still has to be cut. How often the archives will be open (already down to three days per week) and how many employees will still be fired remains to be seen. The New York Times summarized the ongoing challenges in this Sep. 26 article.

You can download or view recent issues of Irish Lives Remembered magazine for free. September highlights include Louth County and Limerick resources, convicts and emigrants to Australia, Frank McCourt, and other stories on family research.

Getting Organized

I love Scrivener for planning and writing my historical novel. But it never occurred to me to use it for genealogy! Lynn at The Armchair Genealogist posted a 14-minute webinar on using Scrivener to write your family history.

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