Tuesday, September 04, 2012

North Carolina Yearly Meeting

I just got back from the 315th annual session of North Carolina Yearly Meeting, held in Black Mountain.

Lee Hall  "up the hill" where the Young Friends stay

We heard speakers and news about yearly meeting activities. (For non-Quakers, Yearly Meeting is our state-wide organization, as well as the actual meeting. A Monthly Meeting is the official term for each individual church, as well as its monthly business session.)

I was especially impressed by the many things Young Friends (high school) and Young Adults had done, from internships to mission trips.

Epistles were received from yearly meetings around the world, a centuries-old tradition, telling us a little about what's going on among other Quaker organizations. We recorded eight new ministers; I knew several of them and counted it a happy occasion! (Every Friend is considered a minister so we don't "ordain" pastors. But we "record" those who have acknowledged gifts and training in minstry, and some of them become pastors among programmed Friends.)

Sunday afternoon I took a break and hiked up to Lee Hall to sit in one of the rocking chairs on the great porch and soak up the mountain view.

 ('Looks like the same photo I took in 2010.)

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