Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Yearly Meetings in partnership

Sometimes you've just got to hang a sign in the shop window, pack your bags, and get out of the country.

Seriously, I went on a short trip to Mexico on church business early last week. North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Quakers) hadn't sent anybody to visit our meeting in Mexico since 2010 (2009 for me) because of the dangers of traveling in that country.
We've missed our brothers and sisters in Christ. With Pastor Jorge leaving after nearly 30 years of service, and our decision to turn over administration of the meeting to Mexico Yearly Meeting, we couldn't stand it any longer. We simply had to go.

After a hearty Mexican breakfast, we visited with a couple of families that I knew from past mission trips, then went to Sunday worship.

The swing in the churchyard now gets lots of use before and after services!

The family sitting in front of me had a Bible for every age.

We gave Jorge a plaque of appreciation and he and his wife joined us for dinner.
Representatives from Mexico and North Carolina yearly meetings
The next day, we met with several pastors and their wives from Mexico Yearly Meeting. We had an awesome time of business and worship together. We returned home excited about the future, determined that our next visit won't be so long in coming.

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