Saturday, March 09, 2013

StellarCon 37

We interrupt our normally scheduled historical posts to jump ahead to the 23rd century. And Victorian-era science fiction. And a galaxy far, far, away, and — pretty much any era went at StellarCon 37. I even saw a few Disney princesses and superheroes.

Tannery Books' humble booth — just sci-fi and fantasy today.

<— the view from my seat

Fashions from the past. This booth offered more than just corsets; I was told the leather face masks are all the rage for fighting zombies.

More steampunk garb.  —>
See that little dragon on her shoulder? Why, yes, it is moving!

<— This lady's costume was her first sewing project in leather. Good job!

(Not that I would ever condone juvenile smoking) Isn't he just the picture of coolness?

My awesome assistant for the day, Jim Bowen, creates more characters for his portable role-playing game. They were quite popular with our younger customers.

A few familiar faces from the present era. And Firefly.

Um... we're not quite sure which world she's from, but her costume's very flattering. 

And now back to the future: the Klingon recruiting station.

Argh! You didn't volunteer fast enough! Where is your honor!

Most awesome candid shot of the day!

I'm not the least bit nervous.
Just breathe in ... breathe out ...

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