Thursday, February 05, 2015

It's a start!

Tannery Books has a physical presence, again.

I had a bricks-and-mortar bookshop for two and a half years in my small North Carolina town. In summer 2013 the storefront closed and Tannery Books became online only.

Now I have a booth at the Bush Hill Trading Post (Bush Hill was the colonial-era name for Archdale, N.C.).

Bush Hill Trading Post is a large building with a store in the middle that sells nostalgic items like RC Colas and Moon Pies, and candy by the pound. Around that is an antique mall.

I'm excited to put books in front of a whole new set of browsers. They'll be separate inventory from the online store at

I'm also excited that I don't have to be there. Sellers pay a small commission that covers employees. The shop is open Monday through Saturday, something I couldn't do with my former shop and part-time library job.

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