Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Grand Canyon

(Update for friends and family, Oct. 20: I was off-grid last weekend but am back in New Mexico enjoying electricity and cell phone reception. I'm working my way back east.)

Thursday, Oct. 15, I left the Scamp to fend for herself and made my way up steep roads to the North Rim.

I finally got the see the Grand Canyon! At least, a little piece of it.

I hadn't planned to go on any ambitious hikes anyway, but my legs were so shaky — possibly a little altitude sickness — I stuck to the easiest overlooks and walked very carefully. (There were a couple of ladies with canes who kept pace with me.)

Check one off my bucket list. I'm very thankful.

North Rim Lodge

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Daniel Youd said...

The only thing I'm missing is the rear end sores after riding the donkey into the canyon.
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