Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Crazy Life of a Work-at-Home Entrepreneur

I never know what the day will bring.

7 am. Drank coffee. Scanned e-mails. Downloaded pictures off the camera from a Saturday event. Wished I'd taken a few more.

9:15 am.  Arrived at a local church for an interview, hair still wet. Got introduced to about 50 preschoolers who were told to impress me with their singing. Sang "Do Lord, Oh do remember me." Good interview.

10:30 am. Drank coffee. Wrote cover letter for a magazine job.

12-1 pm. Distracted as I went online to find the right editor's name. Nothing online. Convinced the printer to print cover letter and resume. Fixed lunch.

1:30 pm. Found the magazine in my bedroom, listing lots of editors' names. Took a nap.

3:00 pm. Called the school to get a quote to add to the church article. Felt self-conscious about uncoifed hair while talking to busy principal. Maybe if I get the magazine job I'll work on my appearance.

3:30 pm. Checked mail and discovered it was warmer outside than inside. Took kitties out on leashes and took papers to edit.

3:45 pm. Amelia leaps into the edge of the creek, plays around on wet leaves. I have to kneel on the muddy bank to reach down and scoop her out. As I try to wrangle both to go inside, Galina backs out of her leash and falls into the middle of the creek. Panic ensues. She splashes upstream until finding an exit. In summary, Galina does not enjoy her first shower, given by me, fully clothed (for my own protection). At one point she opens the sliding glass doors and runs out. I realize just in time that the edited papers are in my back pocket. Papers survive. Cat is grumpy. Amelia gets off with just a paw-washing. We all survive.

4:30ish pm. Put on dry work-out clothes. Wrote a blog post.

5:30 pm. Met my sister at the gym for step class.

6:30 pm. Cooked dinner and watched a show on Netflix.

8:30ish pm. Washed towels from today's adventure. Decided it was too late to start budget work for an upcoming board meeting. Changed into pajamas from chilly sweaty workout clothes.

9ish to 10 pm. Finished revising cover letter and resume in bed (I don't  normally work in the bedroom). Final review and finding links to published clips will have to wait until tomorrow. Sweet kitties are already fast asleep on the bed.


Patricia A. McGoldrick said...

What a day! Would be neat to see a photo of cat or a coffee! Hope tomorrow is less hectic.

Elizabeth Saunders said...

Thanks, Patricia. Deciding if I embarrassed Galina enough with a grumpy-wet-cat pictures on Facebook; maybe a more flattering picture to stay on the blog for years to come.