Saturday, April 02, 2016

Born for This!

Only three more days 'til Chris Guillebeau's new book Born for This hits the stands!

I signed up to be part of Chris' "street team" because I was so excited I didn't want to wait until the April 5 launch date. An advance copy arrived on my doorstep – literally – in late January.

Similar to his previous work, like The Happiness of Pursuit (which inspired me to go on my cross-country trip last year), this new book is full of inspiration for the entrepreneurial lifestyle with successful examples. It's not just for online entrepreneurs; Chris offers advice and examples of "hacking one's job" or improving your current career.

I liked that, instead of giving the popular advice of finding a niche, this book acknowledges people who have multiple interests. Sometimes the interests have a common thread, like me with genealogy, archives work, and antiquarian bookselling. One takeaway for me was the "side-hack," or creative side job that could either become a future career or just provide near-term financial support.

Born for This is great for a secular book about finding meaningful work. I'd love it if Chris could combine his energy and world-traveling insight with somebody spiritually grounded like Rick Warren into writing that provides practical steps with heavenly priorities.

By the way, I spent half a day yesterday revisiting my draft book about Thomas Maness and researching two of his five wives. I was on such a roll I had to make myself stop to shower and eat lunch – that's how much fun I was having. As I finally tore myself away from the laptop and stretched, I thought, "Yeah, I was born for this!"

As mentioned, I received an advanced copy of the book, the only obligation being to buy my own copy when it's available (which I did). There are also affiliate links in this blog.

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