Friday, July 22, 2016

Vintage Star Trek visits the bookshop

“I believe it’s called a bookshop, Captain.”

“Books! Isn’t that a bit archaic?”

“Humans have a nostalgia for old paper. Quite illogical.”

“I like it. Our faces, our … crew … are everywhere. Not those ... young guys.”

“Those ‘young guys’ have a new movie out today: ‘Star Trek Beyond.’”

“I think I’ll stick around here a few days, Mr. Spock.”

We had a great time at the opening of the Star Trek(TM) collection at Tannery Books last night.

Getting ready was a ton of work; I was sitting on the floor of the shop pricing things right up 'til the opening!

A couple of nice write-ups in the local papers encouraged some enthusiastic fans to come out to the opening.

There are still a lot of items that weren't ready, which I'll bring to the shop in the coming weeks or list on eBay. Join the e-mail list (on the right of this page in web mode, or go to on your phone and scroll down) and you'll be first to hear when the posters are available.

I'm wiped out, but pleased.

You can beam me up, now.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection (Blu-Ray) — affiliate link

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