Friday, April 13, 2018

Reliving the end of the Civil War in North Carolina

Every year in April, a group of re-enactors converges on the small, rural town of Trinity, North Carolina. Trinity is historically known for Trinity College, which started as Union Institute and eventually moved and became Duke University.
(UPDATE: The April 21, 2018 event has been cancelled and Friends of Trinity has taken the event page down.)

I finally got the chance to go last year. Here are scenes from one of the battles.

This particular re-enactment, based around General Hardee's retreating battles with General Sherman, culminates in General Johnston's surrender of Confederate forces in the southeast, April 26, 1865.

In this scenario, the Confederate army waits by the historic Albertson house, which was actually built in 1865.

The great thing about re-enactments is that everybody gets to go home, and soldiers on both sides are buddies after the battles are over. 
Some folks camp out 19th-century style all weekend. The 4th Virginia Regiment, Company F, hosted the Medical Department tent.

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