Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sentimental treasure in a box of old books

I went to an estate sale Saturday. I love estate sales, because they're usually the best place to find old things at reasonable prices. I knew the deceased, who was a veteran, and wanted to get a little souvenir to remember him by. I didn't think I would get the item I wanted - thought it would go for a high price - but I did! A rusty little ashtray printed with "CPO Club, Pearl Harbor."

That's not all.

I didn't see many books when I scanned the tables. But as I waited for the ashtray to come up, they offered a box of old books. I hadn't had a chance to look through it! but I could tell they were older than the usual 70s junk, with dark, hardbound covers, so I bid on it. Got it cheap, but sight unseen.

I went through it at home later. It turned out to be a pretty good deal. A few recent titles, but also some old presidential biographies and a 10-volume set of Shakespeare. Down in the bottom was a dark volume with a boring title that turned out to be a Navy handbook. Inside the cover, my friend had not only written his name, but also listed his deployments from 1948 to 1952. Including Hawaii.

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I'm sorry for your lose, but I'm glad you were able to find something to remember him by. Sounds like you and I have so much in common. Like you, I'm an author who loves genealogy research and antiques. I'd hop on a plane in a minute and fly to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to research my ancestors. After my debut novel is release I hope maybe we can take a trip to Scotland.

Many blessings,