Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back in the City

I'm thinking, why did I plan so much of my trip in Dublin? That's just the stress talking, from driving all day in the land of no-right-turns. My new B&B has no parking; I had to crawl up on the sidewalk; it's a tiny car, was still too big for the spot. I'm trying to decide whether to stay at that B&B or check out asap and go back to the first one. But I'll only have the car another day, and I might feel better about this busy part of town when I'm a pedestrian.

Finally found a laundry - almost extinct in Ireland. Life is looking better as I sit in a cafe next to it, with chicken curry soup and wi-fi.

I did find the Quaker cemetery in Rosenallis, today. It's a very nice, peaceful place by the side of the road near a small town. Oh, I miss the beautiful countryside already! But (I remind myself), back to the Quaker library tomorrow, to maybe solve some mysteries, and that's why I came!

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