Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Characters, characters ...

One of my goals here in Moate is to find an Irish character to add a little balance to my novel. I certainly found some interesting people! One is Colonel Grace of Athlone. When the English asked him to surrender, he shot at the messenger and said that was his answer. He was also kind to a Quaker preacher who's already in my story. On the other hand, because of English atrocities that weren't mentioned in the book, he stripped all the Protestants stark naked and kicked them out of town. Hmm.

Another possibility is a priest - I don't remember if he was Catholic or Church of England - but he got in trouble for preaching too enthusiastically about the gospel.

Lots of great stories that don't have anything to do with my book. Last night I heard about an Irish woman whose husband was killed by the English. Without an heir, all her lands would have gone to the government. So she married an English soldier, who got the land. Then, after she had a son, she pushed the husband off the ramparts.

So many stories, so little time...

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