Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, N.C.

A couple of years ago, I stopped by Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Hillsville (Trinity mailing area), N.C. I hadn't been there since about 1990, when my mom pointed out a few ancestors and I had written down their information.

This latest trip was an impulse visit, just to show a friend where some of my ancestors are buried, so the only information I brought was in my head. I found tombstones for the Routh and Kindley families, but something nagged at me. I thought there had been more. I saw several small rectangular stones the size of my hand, which might be unmarked graves, in the middle of the cemetery. When I got home, I dug around and found pictures I had taken on my first trip. Sure enough, some of my family's graves were missing.

Last fall, Trent Briles posted a transcription of Mt. Pleasant Cemetery online. What a lot of hard work! He expressed some frustration about the missing stones, and the fact that the church would not let him see their records. I don't know who the other stones were, but two of them were as pictured here, ca. 1990.

Philmon P. (Plummer) Copple, born 14 August 1824, died 24 January 190(7?).
Barbara M. (Miller) Copple, born 22 December 1823, died 20 July 1904.

According to the 1880 census, Philmon was a farmer, and they lived in Tabernacle Township (Hillsville area).
Their daughter Adaline, who married Jacob Shadrach Kindley in 1871, was my ancestor.

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