Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tweets from Louisiana trip

Signing off for mission trip to Louisiana. Will tweet by phone, but can't read nor respond. #travel #katrina #fb 10:06 PM Mar 6th via web

Driving thru New Orleans at night. #fb 8:21 PM Mar 7th via txt

45 people in 2 bunkrooms, have to sleep in dining area. #fb 10:46 PM Mar 7th via txt

Built walls, covered in sawdust and rain. Trusses on house in La. #fb 8:19 PM Mar 8th via txt

Standing under few sheets of roof, pouring rain, lightning. Good time 4 lunch. 12:01 PM Mar 9th via txt

On 2-story ladder today, hammering, arms like noodles. #fb 9:10 PM Mar 9th via txt

Hardware errands, white & blue herons in bayou. #fb 12:56 PM Mar 10th via txt

started vinyl siding. Roof sheets on. Thanks, God, 4 holding off rain! #fb 9:45 PM Mar 10th via txt

Roughing it is not just sleeping on floor, but w so many people, get woke up hourly. #fb 6:45 AM Mar 11th via txt

Cafe au lait, warm beignet, laughing at powdered sugar mess n New Orleans #fb 12:38 AM Mar 12th via txt

Installed insulation, sheetrock today. Leave La. Tomorrow. 8:29 PM Mar 12th via txt

Home, laundry, real bed, my pillow. Long ... hot ... shower.
#fb about 3 hours ago via web Sunday morning

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