Sunday, May 16, 2010

GenFest 2010 wrap-up

GenFest 2010 was a fun, informative, long day. The High Point Library staff were, as usual, helpful and organized. I sat between ladies from the High Point Museum gift shop and the Greensboro Library, not far from the Randolph County Genealogical Society and Dr. Bruce Pruitt - a prolific indexer of N.C. and S.C. deeds and records.

I talked to some very interesting folks, from a helpful publisher (as in, the owner of a name I've seen on many books) to a lady who has "original DNA" from East Africa ("hmmm." What else can you say?). I heard about a family reunion in June that I might have to crash. Of course, I couldn't leave without a book, but I restrained myself and bought only one: My Folks Don't Want Me to Talk About Slavery, oral history from former slaves interviewed in the 1930s.

So many genealogical societies, so little... cash. I joined my local county (Randolph) this year, but I can't afford to join all of them. DAR, Sons (and Daughters) of Confederate Veterans, N.C. Genealogical Society, the neighboring county (Guilford) were all represented. And sometimes I think about joining the National Genealogical Society, Quaker historical societies or some of the international ones. It's hard to choose!

The photo is a visitor looking over a "family tree" of 19th-century Springfield Friends Meeting members. Dan Warren drew this a couple of years ago to show how many members are related if you go back a few generations. He's working on another one for Archdale Friends Meeting.

I sold a couple of copies of my book, but mostly enjoyed being around other genealogists and history buffs. I saw Jackie, who heads up the Heritage Centre at the Library, walk by with a big grin on her face - she had an armload of Bruce Pruitt's books.

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