Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Afternoon with a cousin

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with my 1st cousin-twice removed, Marjorie (on the ENGLISH side of my family). She has been interested in our family's genealogy since her 20s, and now she's in her 80s, so she has collected quite a bit of information! I did have a few new bits and pieces to share with her because I've built my research on the work of people who started before me, but she did most of the sharing.

She gave me a little book, a memoir that her late husband had written about his life. She plans to write one about herself. It's not "published," just a nice homemade book with a collage of pictures on the cover. What a great idea - everybody should do this! He lived 80+ years, starting out with horses and mules and was an airline pilot for many years. They've both led interesting lives.

She let me copy some newspaper articles and some family tree information that she had typed out years ago. She also loaned me a "Family Tree" book that her nephew's wife had made for a gift. It has another generation of the HOGGATT family that I haven't seen anywhere else, but I take that with a grain of salt because there are no sources in it and Marjorie thinks she got it "from the internet." But I'm excited to fill in all the gaps and dates for our mutual extended family, and maybe I can talk to this lady in the future about where she got that Hoggatt tidbit.

I hope I didn't tire her out. We went through papers and the hours flew by. Then she found a pile of old deeds and photos that we will look at "another day." What fun!

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