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Amanuensis Monday - Trinity, N.C. in 1902

From the North Carolina Year Book, 1902.

Randolph County
T.J. Finch, of Wheatmore, was a County Commissioner.
Justices of the Peace for Trinity Township were W.N. Elder of Maud, J.F. Mendenhall of Thomasville, B. L. Lineberry of Trinity, E.W. Pugh of Progress, W.M. Wilson of Archdale, and R.E. Mendenhall of High Point.

Public School Teachers: [I'm only posting those in the Trinity area]
Royalis, Miss Birdie, Trinity
Gibbs, J.E., Trinity
Crater, A.A., Trinity
McCarkle, Miss, Trinity
Ingram, Mrs. L.J., Trinity
Young, Miss Indie, Trinity
Johnson, Miss Rosa L., Trinity
Craven, Mrs. Nannie, Trinity
Heitman, J.F., Trinity
Fearns, Miss Corinna, Hill's Store [I'm not sure where that is]
Thayer, Mrs. W.F., Hoover Hill

Schools and Academies: [none in Trinity]

Ministers not in Towns: METHODIST: C.A. Wood, J.P. Lanning, A.A. Crater, J.F. Heitman, Trinity.

Physicians not in Towns: D. Reid Parker, Trinity.

Factories: Dixie Chair Co., Trinity

Cotton Gins, Cotton Mills, Lumber Plants, Saw Mills: [none]

Merchants not in Towns:
J.L. Hinshaw, Hoover Hill
L.S. Harrelson, Hoover Hill
W.S. Loler, Trinity
B. Parker, Trinity

Saloons: [none in Randolph County]

Incorporated in 1869.
Population, 274.
Town Officers. BOARD OF ALDERMEN- J.K. Harris, B. Parker, A.C. English, J.R. Reddick, J.D. Bronne.
POSTMASTER- Miss Amanda Leach
R.R. AGENT- A.C. English

Ministers and Churches. METHODIST- G.E. Eaves, Pastor.

Schools and Academies. TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL- A.A. Crater, Principal.

Hotels and Boarding Houses. Parker House.

General Merchandise.
B. Parker.
W. Lohr.
J. Parkin.
W. O. Harris.

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