Sunday, November 07, 2010

Back in North Carolina

Just for the record, the space shuttle Discovery launch was scrubbed for this window because of a significant leak that they need to repair. The next opportunity will be Nov. 30 through Dec. 5. You can find updates here. I'll be writing up my experiences as a member of the press at Kennedy Space Center for the newspaper soon, and will post a link here on the Travels with Books blog next week.

I really enjoyed hanging out at KSC all week (much longer than I'd planned!). I also enjoyed camping in my little Scamp, my home away from home. I would have enjoyed it more if I could have unhitched and stayed in one spot. Because of weekend vacationers and other people who came in to see the launch, they were playing musical sites at the campground and I had to reposition almost daily. I brought it with me to KSC several days and got funny looks and comments from some of the guards.

I returned to N.C. to find National Novel Writing Month in full gear. This is the most active we have ever been in the Piedmont area (officially the N.C. Greensboro region on the website), with events scheduled on Monday nights at both the High Point Library and Panera Bread in Greensboro, Thursday mornings at the High Point Barnes & Noble, and Sunday afternoons at various coffee shops around UNC-G. I think there are more write-ins at GTCC, too.

I didn't meet my quota as I was driving up and down the southeast, but I did work on my story a little in the campground in South Carolina on the trip home. I also stayed up last night to take advantage of the time change — way too late — but I was determined to turn that little box green! Hopefully I will catch up with all of these write-ins going on.

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