Thursday, November 04, 2010


With the shuttle launch postponed 'til Thursday (now Friday as of this posting) we waited all day around the press room for the photo opp. The NASA team postponed it as they talked about the engine switch and made sure they were ready to go. They were also worried about lightning in the area. But finally they loaded us onto buses and drove us out to Launch Pad 39A. It was dark by the time the Rotating Service Structure rolled back to reveal the Orbiter. I think we were out there an hour, with some photographers clicking the entire time.

Discovery on the launch pad Wednesday night - photo by Elizabeth Saunders

Isn't she beautiful? NASA turned on some massive lights towards the end, and you could see them all the way to the campground.

I kept looking back at Discovery as we rode away, wishing her and the crew bon voyage and praying for a safe trip.

I was tired, I was hungry — and I didn't want to leave.


Jen Brubacher said...

These photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I've always wanted to be that close to a launch

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Jen. Me too! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the launch, since it's been postponed to Nov. 30. But I'm still thrilled about the photo op. We were about a football field away, which is pretty close.