Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Writing in first gear, preparing for hyperdrive

It's been fun getting back into the genealogy data I brought back from Ireland. I'm looking at dates, ages, and marriages of the children of my main and supporting characters, with a special view toward finding subplots for the novelized version of their lives. Though no storylines have jumped out at me, yet, I did notice a sadly high child mortality rate. Some of these houses full of children in the background of my scenes - didn't have as many children as I'd thought.

A different writing epiphany came to me at meeting for worship Sunday. I plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month (just 22 days away!) - but I don't want to start a new novel. Ideas are plentiful: steampunk, Neanderthal, all kinds of bizarre stuff. What I really want to do is keep revising Moate; those other concepts just seem like distractions. Since I've worked on Moate through two nanowrimo seasons, more revision seems like a rule-breaker this year (and wouldn't meet the 50,000-word goal).

For years I've been toying with a Bible reading guide, and the one devotion I'd written in my mind came back to me Sunday night. *lightbulb flash* That's what I'll do! I don't know if that idea will expand to the required 50,000 words, but the outline is easy (a calendar).

I'm not saying I can work on both the nano-novel and Moate at the same time. Just that thinking about the Bible won't yank me out of my Christian historical mindset. It may even give me ideas to incorporate. Plus, now I have something to work on at write-ins!

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year?


Veronica Roth said...

Hey, that's great Beth. Don't you love it when the ideas come together. I wish you good luck and easy writing. :)

Elizabeth Saunders said...

Thanks, Veronica!