Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Colorado bound!

(I wanted to post this Saturday, Aug. 2, but wi-fi access has been a challenge)

I've had plenty of things to blog about this year, but no time to write. Blessed with extra hours at my archives job from January to June, I'm just now getting back to bookselling. I had already decided to go to CABS — the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar — knowing I might have to dig into savings. With over three years in bookselling and the transition from an open shop to an online business, the timing seemed perfect.

Other people thought the timing perfect, too — I won the IOBA scholarship!

Here I am on my way to Colorado.

I'm heading out a day early to attend my first antiquarian book fair, the Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair in Denver.

I hope to write more, but it might have to wait 'til I get back home with reliable internet. My head will be so full of books! What I can't put into words, I'll try to capture in pictures.

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