Friday, October 09, 2015

Living it up on the bayou

I didn't plan on going to Florida.

I thought my cousin Michael lived in Birmingham, but he moved years ago to southeastern Alabama. After a good, but short visit, I headed south to catch Interstate 10. I don't know how Alabama got so short-changed on coastline, but somehow Florida got it all.

I drove all day across the panhandle of Florida, back into Alabama, a little bit of Mississippi, and finally into Louisiana. I was thankful for my new sunglasses and the sunny, warm weather. They're actually wanting rain down here, as the Carolinas recover from deluge.

I reached Cottonport just after dark, where my aunt and uncle greeted me with hugs and gumbo.

We've been relaxing for a few days. Unfortunately I woke up Thursday with an awful head cold; hopefully it's just allergies and all the weather changes.

Last night we ate a generous dinner with my uncle's brothers and family. (Yes, Debbie, they really do talk like that down heanh, um hmm yeah).

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