Monday, March 01, 2010

Week 9 challenge - Monday's blog reads

Southwest Arkie has one of those brick walls that makes you keep staring at her post, hoping you can think of some great piece of advice that will help her break through. Her Peter Sumner and John Maes remind me of my own brick walls, including Thomas Maness, who might have come from Arkansas like he said, or might have come from the next county with a few too many wives. And my Wall cousins, who disappeared for about 20 years between Illinois and Missouri.

TNHG wrote about elaborate 16th-17th century gloves. They are so good about posting beautiful photographs, and this time had extra embedded links to museum pictures. Where do they get all this?! Susan kindly replied to my comment from yesterday - Dolley lived in Philadelphia at the time of the story, which was Quaker country, so very likely wore the distinctive plain clothes.

FootnoteMaven wrote about her strange comment from yesterday, that one year on the internet was like six human years - and the fact that one of her readers noticed it. Funny, I had didn't consciously notice it, but I took it with such a big grain of salt that I simply said she was having her 3rd blogversary (she wrote 18). Funny how, when I see a "fact" that I don't believe, I just go right past it.

Tonia met her goal of writing 10 posts in February - Go Tonia! Today she celebrates her ancestors that were born in March (hmm, some software search to find them?). It's an interesting summary; we both have ancestors from Chester County, Penn. and Ireland. She adds lots of tags (keywords) to the end of her posts (I put GoogleSearch on my blog and don't worry about it. I'm afraid I would forget to use the exact same terms).

The AnceStories blog is huge. It takes page-downs to find out that Miriam writes it, not some of the people mentioned in the posts. For the first day of March, Miriam posted a calendar of all kinds of dates: from holidays to themes to carnivals (blog prompts). March 1st is data backup day. The next Scanfest is March 28th, 11 AM - 2 PM, Pacific Daylight Time. This time, there was a link to tell what Scanfest is about, plus some good scanning tips.

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Tonia said...

Hi Beth! Thanks so much for the shout-out and for following my blog for this week's challenge. You're reading some blogs that are new to me; I'll have to check them out.