Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Week 9 challenge - Tuesday

Southwest Arkie wrote a list of all her ancestors that she doesn't know where they are buried.
TNHG posted a page of an Annual Register, which gave interesting statistics on deaths and births in 1820, I think for England. I asked them, "What's an Annual Register?"
Footnote Maven - no post today. I'm amazed at how many of these people blog everyday, while I do well to write once a week.
I just realized that Tonia's posts are condensed, and you have to click on them to read the whole thing. She wrote about her great^3 grandmother, with a photo, that I almost missed because I didn't know how her blog worked!
At AnceStories, I looked again to make sure there's just one author - four posts since yesterday! Even if she schedules them, prolific is an understatement. And she has a teaching dayjob.

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Tonia said...

Hey Elizabeth, thanks so much for commenting! The . . . is one of the very few things that I dislike about Wordpress. You've inspired me to try to find a solution that makes it clearer that what you see is, in fact, an excerpt. Keep your fingers crossed for something more user-friendly in the next day or so.

And thanks for the sweet remarks about Anna's photo. I was so excited when I found out my mom had it.