Thursday, April 05, 2012

The 'key' to genealogy...

Last week I wrote about DNA Genealogy Excitement — a way that DNA might help me solve a century-old family mystery — and two big obstacles. First, the tests are very expensive. And second, would Mrs. Myrtle be willing to share her DNA with strangers?

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I remembered that I have a savings bond in my safe deposit box that my grandparents gave me when I graduated high school (more than a few years ago!). If I remember correctly, it's large enough to offset the cost of the test. Since my grandfather hunted for his grandfather all of his life, I think that would be an excellent way to use the money they gave me!

I got up my nerve and called Mrs. Myrtle on a Sunday evening. She didn't sound nearly as alert as the last time I talked to her, and I had to tell her who I was all over again. Not good. But when I asked about the DNA, and told her she'd just have to swab her cheek and send the kit back in the mail, she said yes!

All I had to do next was visit the bank and cash in the bond. I went to my hidey place and... no key. I searched all over, and even found the little envelope that the bank gives you to hold it. I hadn't used it in at least a year, so I emptied out an old purse to see if it had been left in there. No luck. I searched in other likely places, and looked underneath my bills. Nada. I found a couple of sturdy-looking keys in a drawer and eagerly showed them to the teller at the bank. She shook her head. "Nope." (Anybody know what these keys go to?)



Evelyn said...

I found your blog from the April Challenge. I am working on a book for a lady who wants to write her life story. She is 86 and a sweetheart. Working on her book inspired me to delve into my own family tree, so I joined and set to work on it. Now my sister is interested too. We have found some headstones for our great, great grandparents in our hometown cemetery, but nobody had ever taken us there before. There are mysteries in my family too. I haven't been able to go farther than my great grandmother on my father's side. I have two surnames to look for, and I'm stumped. I hope to keep learning, and solve the mystery.

Elizabeth said...

Nice to meet you, Evelyn. That's awesome that you're helping her get her story down.

Watch out, solving those family puzzles can be addictive!

Mary said...

Elizabeth, I'm laughing about your lost keys. I've been there and finally had to present everything but my thumb print and shoe size to prove to bank that I am me. Of course, I found the keys the next day.

Your comment about the savings bond tucked away gives me an idea for a blog. If it proves fruitful [in my too-long dry spell], you'll become my new BFF. And I'll credit you with the idea. Wish me luck.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Mary, thanks for laughing with me! The bank will charge me $30 to get the lock changed. I suspect if I do that, I'll find mine the next day, too.

Good luck with your blog!